Welcome to MatriX-FocalSpot Inc.

MatriX-FocalSpot Inc is a USA based X-ray Inspection company owned by MatriX Technologies, GmbH.

Together MatriX and Matrix-FocalSpot  serves OEM and EMS Printed Circuit Board Assemblers , Semiconductor Device Manufactures, Test Labs, and Independent Component Distributors with a  complete line of high quality manual x-ray inspection System (MXI) , to high speed  advanced imaging Automated  X-ray Inspection (AXI)  systems  for printed circuit board assembly verification ,  semiconductor package inspection ,  counterfeit device screening applications, and non-destructive testing (NDT) industries.  The MatriX-FocalSpot line of x-ray inspection products also support the Gem Stone Industry, Medical Device Manufacturers  and general Industrial Goods and Parts Manufactures. 

MatriX-FocalSpot also recondition, sell and support pre-owned x-ray inspection systems as well as provide ongoing service, parts, installation and training worldwide for Nicolet/GenRad/Teradyne and Faxitron CS-100 X-ray inspection systems.

To complement the x-ray inspection lineup, MatriX- FocalSpot is a  a value-added distributor of: DEN-ON BGA/SMT rework stations,  and Optilia™ BGA/SMT video microscopes; providing sales, service and support for these products in North/South America, Canada and Mexico.

Products & Services

X-Ray Inspection Systems
High Quality Multi-purpose x-ray inspection systems for Electronics Assembly Manufacturing, Semiconductor Components, Counterfeit Component Screening, Medical Device, Castings, and NDT X-Ray applications.
Ball Grid Array (BGA) & SMT Rework Stations
Advanced BGA/SMT rework solutions for Package-on-Package, 01005 for lead-free and eutectic solders with board sizes up to 20"x 24".
Optical Inspection Systems
High Quality Real-Time digital video and high definition (HD) inspection camera's used to perform BGA side view inspection, top down and angled view  inspection of assembled printed circuit boards, components, cables, and  industrial parts.
Equipment Support
MatriX-FocalSpot provides responsive and knowledgeable support for its line of x-ray, rework, and video inspection stations as well as legacy support for Nicolet/GenRad/Teradyne and Faxitron manual x-ray inspection stations.